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High Resolution Logging

Measurements along the entire length of the core including: CT scanning, gamma ray, bulk density, acoustic velocities, and XRF

Crushed Sample Analysis

Solvent and thermal extraction techniques to accurately quantify pore volume and residual fluid saturations


Evaluation of organic matter concentration, maceral typing and thermal maturity

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

12 MHz NMR spectroscopy for T2 and T1-T2 measurements along with 3D gradients for pore and flow imaging


Geologic study of rock texture and composition

Reservoir Deliverability and Flow Assurance

Permeability testing with in-situ fluids (including liquids) including additional evaluation of completion fluid impact of deliverability

Rock Mechanics

Study of rock deformation resulting from the strain in response to reservoir stresses

Completion Fluids Testing

Study of fluid rock interaction and effects on production

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Characterization of reservoir properties to define the CO2 storage space capacity & injectivity