Reservoir Simulation

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WDVGE employs a proprietary simulation model and workflow to properly account for the flow dynamics of organic mudstones. Our high-resolution hydraulic fracture models are utilized to accurately model the stimulated rock volume in conjunction with our advanced petrophysical outputs. Through integration with our extensive core testing and database, the porosity is appropriately partitioned into oil and water systems. Additionally, we have the capacity to incorporate the effect of completion fluid damage in our models which allows for sensitivity analysis of proposed completion designs. These inputs are modeled using the Petrel platform for generating three-dimensional properties and simulated using the Intersect program.

Carbon Sequestration Modeling

WDVGE is experienced in the modeling of carbon storage including using compositional reservoir simulation in Eclipse or Intersect to estimate plume size and caprock integrity. With high resolution petrophysics models constructed from advanced well log data, we can simulate layered storage intervals and quantify volumes of CO 2 injected into various zones.