Mechanical Earth Models

Mechanical earth models are built to generate continuous estimates of elastic properties, rock strength and formation stresses. These variables are key inputs for hydraulic fracture modeling and a critical component to estimate stimulated rock volume. Models are built at high resolution through integration with centimeter scale core measurements, image logs and reprocessing raw dipole sonic data to enhance the resolution.

Wellbore Stability

Utilizing the predicted properties above in conjunction with interpretated breakouts and failures from image logs allows for construction of a wellbore stability model. Understanding of the formation's failure pathways allows for maintaining safe drilling practices and minimizing operational issues in the field.

Stress Modeling

Understanding the orientation and magnitude of the three principal stresses is vital to properly modeling hydraulic fractures and wellbore placement. WDVGE employs acoustic data for quantifying stress orientations through techniques such as dispersion analysis in conjunction with identifying breakouts on image logs to estimate the horizontal stress directions. An extensive database of well logs to shallow depths allows for accurate overburden pressure predictions. WDVGE is capable of modeling and predicting all three major stress regimes.