3D Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

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FieldEdge™ is an ultrafast, data science-driven, unconventional geomodeling and analytics platform designed to support hydraulic fracturing modeling. FieldEdge™ combines existing core and petrophysics data to evaluate mechanical stratigraphy, structural geometries, and to laterally propagate all inputs required for hydraulic fracture modeling across 3D volumes across the area of interest.

HF Modeler™

HF Modeler™ is WDVGE's platform for hydraulic fracture modeling and field completions analysis. It allows for high-fidelity or ultra-fast modeling, and provides all the tools needed for building hydraulic fracture models, comparing results to available field data, conducting pressure history matching (PHM), and production history matching (PRHM). It defines the most representative model to field fracturing and production data, and supplements this with sensitivity evaluations for optimizing well placements, fracture designs, frac sequencing, and maximizing production.

High-Fidelity Fracture Simulator

The fracture simulator used is a fully 3D coupled, high-fidelity, hydraulic fracture simulator designed for thinly layered mudstone rocks and for modeling complex geometries and complex fracture-to-fracture interactions commonly observed in unconventional reservoirs. The simulator is seamlessly integrated with HF Modeler™ and FieldEdge™, such that complex schedules, fracture sequences, and sensitivity analysis can be generated and run effortlessly.