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Computed Tomography

CT scanning is a non-destructive method that utilizes x-rays to create a digitized image of the core sample. Scanning can be done on new, vintage, or slabbed core. The data can be utilized as a digital archive of the scanned core for core description, sample selection and more.

Core Logging

Core Logging includes multiple sensors such as spectral gamma, sonic velocity, and gamma density at centimeter scale to provide an analog to field wireline logs.

X-Ray Fluorescence

X-Ray Fluorescence of the slabbed core surface provides an elemental map of the core on centimeter scale for comparison to open-hole ECS logs.

Continuous Anisotropic Ultrasonic Velocity Logging

Continuous Anisotropic Ultrasonic Velocity Logging (ULT) is conducted to obtain cm-scale measurements of ultrasonic compressional (P) and shear (S) wave velocities along the length of the cored section. Measurements are performed at three different orientations to bedding and results are used to define the complete transverse isotropic elastic tensor. Results are integrated with triaxial measurements and field acoustic logs to provide a high confidence, high-resolution mechanical property log along the cored interval.