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W.D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC (WDVGE) is a Houston-based Company. WDVGE opened for business in 1995, currently employing a combination of highly talented and skilled reservoir engineers, geologists and petrophysicists. WDVGE has the reputation for providing the most widely accepted range of petroleum engineering, geological services, and petrophysical modeling to domestic and international oil and gas companies, midstream companies, and financial institutions. WDVGE's multi-disciplined approach to reservoir engineering makes the Company one of the most unique in the industry.


WDVGE is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in reservoir modeling and analysis. With a focus on organic-rich mudstones and other unconventional reservoirs, consulting projects aim to optimize reservoir utilization, more completely understand the reservoir through geomechanical and petrophysical analysis and appropriately model future well results. WDVGE's Laboratory Services supplement the consulting work by providing actual rock and fluids data. The workflow uses high resolution measurements on core to identify fracture barriers, pinch-out points, and weak interfaces that reduce stimulated rock volume generated by hydraulic fracturing and integrates this with reservoir properties such as porosity, saturation, and wettability. This data feeds petrophysical analysis and hydraulic fracturing modeling to optimize lateral landing locations by maximizing propped, connected surface area in contact with the highest quality reservoir rock. Calibration of NMR logs and the inclusion of high-resolution image logs supplement the core work. With a more complete reservoir characterization, simulation models incorporating rock fabric, formation damage and other complex interactions observed in unconventional rocks better predict future well performance and can be used to enhance investment returns.

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