Data Analytics

Wellbore Production and Pressure Data

WDVGE uses three-phase production data on hourly, daily or monthly timeframes in conjunction with downhole or surface pressure data. This data is utilized for production modeling and forecasting, as well as understanding reservoir deliverability.

Post Job Completion Data

A highly under-utilized data source, post-job completion reports contain useful data points on a stage-by-stage basis which aid in the understanding of how the stimulated rock performs.

Reservoir Quality

Our 3D geomodels are built to incorporate vertical and lateral variability in reservoir properties. With actual wellbores or proposed locations, properties can be extracted along the lateral to compare to other stage level data, estimate variable along a horizontal and understand landing zone quality.

Wellbore Placement (Spacing/Landing/Steering)

WDVGE are experts in geosteering of laterals and have incorporated this knowledge into 3D grids where we have accurate placement of wells to validate steering within the desired target interval while also quantifying well spacing both vertically and horizontally.